Nuffield Lodge

Hill Homes is the landlord and support provider at Nuffield Lodge. If you are offered a flat within Nuffield Lodge, you will be asked to sign an Assured Tenancy. This tenancy will give you the right to live in peaceful occupation within your flat, with rights and responsibilities as a Hill Homes’ tenant.

Hill Homes Care Ltd (a subsidiary of Hill Homes) is the care provider at Nuffield Lodge. They are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to provide domiciliary care.

There are 25 self-contained flats – 19 studios and 6 one-beds. Each flat is provided with an oven, a hob and a fridge freezer, but is otherwise unfurnished.

The Nuffield Lodge support service will operate 3 hours a day (9:00 – 12:00), 5 days a week. Out of these hours Haringey safe & sound provides cover. Hill Homes staff provide welfare checks over the weekend.

Hill Homes staff will provide ‘social support’ to help tenants to carry on in their daily lives and help them to live independently in their accommodation and their local community. This is done through enabling, reminding or assisting tenants with day to day tasks and activities.

Depending on an individual’s need, Hill Homes can provide support in the following areas:

  • socialisation and keeping active
  • involvement within the local community
  • visits to tenants in hospital
  • maximising benefits
  • accommodation and tenancy management
  • life skills
  • safeguarding from abuse
  • safety and security
  • managing risk

Hill Homes Care’s range of personal care services (purchased separately) provides help with physical assistance, prompting and supervision covering the following activities:

  • washing/bathing, dressing, making a meal, cleaning, laundry, mobility assistance, shopping
safe & sound provides cover. Hill Homes staff provide welfare checks over the weekend

Tenants must be aged 65 or over, and be assessed by Hill Homes as being suitable for sheltered accommodation. This assessment will be based upon information provided by applicants to the scheme as part of their application process. Support can be provided to help applicants through the application process.

Each unit is suitable for single occupancy only.

There are 4 different charges for the service at Nuffield Lodge, as follows:

  • Rent – this pays for your right to occupation of your flat, and your landlord’s responsibilities to maintain and repair your flat and the communal areas in the scheme; this also pays for your landlord’s housing management service.
  • Service charge – this pays for a number of items such as all services relating to upkeep of the communal areas (gardening, cleaning, lift and fire system servicing etc.); the utilities to communal areas; the purchase and upkeep of communal furniture.
  • Heating & hot water
  • Support charge – this pays for the support provided by Hill Homes and Safe & Sound.

Are there any other costs?

Council Tax is payable to the Local Authority. Currently the banding is band C.

Each tenant is responsible for their own electricity bills, TV licence, and water rates.

Hill Homes and your social worker (if you have one) will be able to support you with advice and guidance, but will not be able to provide practical help to assist you to pack up your belongings in your current home or the actual move to Nuffield Lodge.  However, Hill Homes will be able to help settle you in to your new home at Nuffield Lodge, including our caretaker service to help with small tasks around your home, such as putting together flatpack furniture.

Yes, a modern community alarm system has been fitted throughout the scheme and in each flat, with the basic system of a door entry system, call modules in flats and communal areas, and a neck pendant for each resident as standard. If a needs assessment indicates that extra items of telecare equipment would support the individual to maintain their independence within the scheme, Hill Homes will work with Haringey Council to provide these.  There may be a charge to the resident for the purchasing of additional items.

As part of the vision of providing an excellent service, Hill Homes has a Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator who organises a range of activities for all to enjoy, and tenants are also welcome to join the activities at our other site, Trees.  Additionally, Hill Homes can support tenants to participate in activities and events in the local community.  Suggestions are welcome!

Smoking is not permitted in communal areas.  However, tenants will be able to smoke in their rooms.  There is not a designated smoking area for staff or tenants within the scheme.

Yes, though tenants are required to request permission from Hill Homes before bringing a pet to live in their flat.  Hill Homes’ Pets Policy gives further details, and includes some restrictions to the type of animal allowed (e.g. only 1 cat per household and no dogs, with the exception of assistance dogs).  The Care service is not able to support tenants who become unable to care for their animal.  It is part of the tenancy agreement that tenants must not allow their pets to be a nuisance to anyone living in or visiting the scheme.

No.  However, the service will support people in receiving the medical or nursing care they need, such as helping new tenants register with the local GP, and/or working closely with GPs and hospitals to ensure appointments are booked and kept, and regular health reviews take place.