Visiting our properties

All our tenants at both Trees and Nuffield Lodge hold assured tenancies for their homes. Each apartment is, therefore, an individual household. As such, tenants must follow the general government guidance for Covid-19.

The government has recently removed the vast majority of restrictions relating to coronavirus, with remaining guidance being relevant to those who test positive and subsequently need to isolate.

The wearing of masks is no longer mandatory in most settings, although they are required as a condition of travel on London Transport. However, as we learn to live with Covid-19, we must remember that it has not gone away and the latest variants, whilst seemingly less serious in most cases, are more virulent. People should, therefore, be mindful of their own situation when making decisions and when in the communal areas of our properties. We ask that tenants and visitors continue to respect social distancing as far as practically possible and consider wearing a mask in our communal areas.

We are slowly building back our activities schedule and are hopeful that we will soon be running a full programme of activities again. We do ask for your patience in the event that we temporarily suspend activities. All our decisions are made with your safety as our number one priority.

Your safety is our priority

All our staff wear approved masks whilst in the communal areas of the buildings. We also ask all contractors visiting our buildings to wear a mask while on site. The only exception to this is where someone has a medical exemption.

When supporting you with personal care in your apartment appropriate levels of PPE will be worn. Staff will always wear masks but also gloves, aprons and other items as required, dependant on the support you require.

Staff are required to take a PCR test for Covid-19 every week in addition to three lateral flow tests each week. Because our managers and back-office staff work on site, these precautions apply to them as well as our front-line care and support staff. We monitor the tests issued and the results we get back and report these to the local authority who help us to keep the service safe.